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 Japanese boyfriend

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Hello mina san.
As requested by Lekos, today I'm gonna talk about the japanese boys.

So how can I start... ahh I know.

1 - The japanese boy is always very very shy, not that is bad for us girls, but because sometimes when I like that guy I can't tell him in the face. But even if it wasn't is not our job to tell them that we like them.

2 - Here in Japan the japanese women is still treated a bit like in the 19 century, the man goes to work and the women stays at home taking care of the house and the children, because of that sometimes is usual that the japanese guys tend to treat japanese women as a sexual toy. Is very common to see some arrassements in Japan towards women. One of the things that bugs me the most is te foreigns that came here and try to change that, please please don't do that ever!

3 - For foreign women is pretty though sometimes. I had a friend that came from america, and she was very beatiful, but the problem is that here the media thinks that beatiful foreign women are all sluts, and so she was sometimes treatd like that. But she eventually got a man and married.

So this is all, japanese man is like any other man in the world, they can be very shy and hard workers but if you know how to talk to them is always going to ve easy.

Thanks for reading.
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Japanese boyfriend
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